About Us

Tea and Conversation with African American Women

Tea and Conversations is a networking, educational,spiritual and communications event that builds relationships among professional African American women.

Journalist Sandra Long Weaver first hosted the event in 2005 in Philadelphia, Pa. In 2010, the event brought together over 380 women.

The women attending the event are those who have influence in their communities. They are members of sororities and service organizations. Many are are in leadership roles in their companies and some own businesses. They are ministers, lawyers, doctors, politicians, teachers and entrepreneurs.

They want to raise their voices to create change to shape a new network. And change always starts with a conversation. And having a conversation over tea always sets a tone for the possibilities that can be explored.

African Americans make up about 16 percent of the population in the Nashville area own about 8 percent of the businesses. Many of these entrepreneurs are African American women.

Networking over a hot and aromatic cup of tea is not new to the African American community. African American tea ceremonies date back to the 19th century.

Tea and conversation will show women better ways to improve their lives and smarter ways to help their families. Besides networking over tea, the women will attend workshops on health, especially high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and breast cancer which affect Black women disproportionately.

There will also be a workshop on mental illness, depression and stress. Other workshops are social media, relationships, fashion and beauty; politics and communications.

There will be a formal tea presentation with customized teas for the event; a dramatic monologue, music and the unveiling of the signature “Tea and Conversations” painting. The afternoon will also feature The Most Fabulous Hat contest.

There is simply no other event like Tea and Conversations with African American women. It is a chance to meet someone new, reconnect with a colleague and explore ideas to make our communities stronger.